Switch to e-statements and let Australia Post suffer! Auspost

I encourage everyone to switch to E-Statements where possible.  Not for the environmental benefit but rather from a security prospective.

It seems that these days, letter mail is a secondhand service.  Australia post has no guarantee that the delivery of addressed ordinary letter mail will ever get to the correct recipient.  Also, modern individuals do not respect the laws governing opening others mail, with people out there that deliberately steal mail to get personal information.

Every time a company send out a bill or statement, Australia post profits and uses that profit to prop up this prehistoric letter mail service.

Lest do some calculations.  Lets assume that on average our individual has a credit card, savings account, mortgage, water bill/rates, phone, power, gas, shire rates, car registration, insurance.  Lets also assume that not all billers send monthly bills and only big companies have e-billing services.

Average mail for a individual per year:

Credit card = 12
Quarterly bank = 4
Quarterly mortgage = 4
Water consumption = 2
Water rates = 1
Phone/ Internet = 12
Power = 6
Gas = 6
Shire rate = 1
Insurance = 2

Total = 50 letters ~ $26.40 postage per year

Assuming that these big companies send letters out at a discount rate say 52.8 cents per letter. http://auspost.com.au/parcels-mail/pre-sort-letters.html  The total money made by Auspost is per individual is $26.40.  Multiply that by 1 Million individuals willing to change across to e-statements and their gross loss becomes over $26 Million!  A substantial loss which is most welcome in my opinion.

But who is to say that email is safe?
If you have ever switched across to e-statements, a company usually does not email your bill or statement directly to you.  Rather they will send you a message informing you that it is awaiting payment online.  You then log into their secured site, and view the document there.  Print it out locally or save it to a encrypted thumbdrive.

It’s time to fire Australia Post from your life.

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Do Not USE GMX email to backup gmail!

If you are searching on a way to automatically backup gmail on a third party web email provider, stay away from GMX.com

Not only is there no default setting for https but its “mail collector” only gets mail from gmail’s INBOX ONLY.  To add insult, they recommend that email in remote emails accounts should be moved into the inbox so that their mail collector works properly.

Q. Can messages be retrieved from subfolders of my third party account?
A. Mail Collector only retrieves messages from the inbox of your third party account. If necessary, please deactivate any filter rules for sorting messages in those accounts, so that all incoming messages will remain in your third party account’s inbox.

To delete your GMX account, follow the setting from here.

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How to get writing text back on gmail icons button labels

Ever since google changed the gmail interface, the labels on the buttons have changed from English text to some crappy symbols which have no apparent meaning.  We are talking about the “Archive” “Refresh” “Delete” buttons..

They have made excuses to people like, the position has not changed or the labels have the meaning when you hover over them with the mouse, but should we have to swallow this BS just so illiterates can use their email without feeling violated?

Anyway, google has succumbed to public pressure and made a option for uses to go back the having text on buttons in the gmail online interface.  The switch is easy:

In the gmail interface, click the gears icon.  Then click settings.
In the General tab, you will see “Button Labels”, change this to text.
Relax, and enjoy  your new freedom.

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