Firefox Progress of Ongoing Downloads Revert to old style

Once again, like the pdf thing that Mozilla did a while back.  The new download window:

  • Takes up a whole tab
  • Cannot be resized
  • Blocks any bookmarks on your bookmarks toolbar

Unfortunately the only fix to the old style, aka, before FF21 is to do two things:

  • Revert from private browsing (Preferences > Privacy > History > Custom Settings)
  •  Open about:config and toogle to TRUE
Un-tick private browsing :(

The analogy is that private browsing does not remember any downloading history, so the change will not show any downloads in the old style list.

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Downloading files at a fixed slower rate using trickle and wget

Sometimes downloading files causes connections to saturate or hang.

Installing trickle on Linux can help by allowing the user to shape the download / upload speed for any application!

First, install trickle.
sudo apt-get install trickle or compile from source

In this example we are shaping the speed of a wget download to 50kbps.

trickle -d 50 wget

There is a lot more trickle / trickled can do so check out the man files for it.

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