Switch to e-statements and let Australia Post suffer! Auspost

I encourage everyone to switch to E-Statements where possible.  Not for the environmental benefit but rather from a security prospective.

It seems that these days, letter mail is a secondhand service.  Australia post has no guarantee that the delivery of addressed ordinary letter mail will ever get to the correct recipient.  Also, modern individuals do not respect the laws governing opening others mail, with people out there that deliberately steal mail to get personal information.

Every time a company send out a bill or statement, Australia post profits and uses that profit to prop up this prehistoric letter mail service.

Lest do some calculations.  Lets assume that on average our individual has a credit card, savings account, mortgage, water bill/rates, phone, power, gas, shire rates, car registration, insurance.  Lets also assume that not all billers send monthly bills and only big companies have e-billing services.

Average mail for a individual per year:

Credit card = 12
Quarterly bank = 4
Quarterly mortgage = 4
Water consumption = 2
Water rates = 1
Phone/ Internet = 12
Power = 6
Gas = 6
Shire rate = 1
Insurance = 2

Total = 50 letters ~ $26.40 postage per year

Assuming that these big companies send letters out at a discount rate say 52.8 cents per letter. http://auspost.com.au/parcels-mail/pre-sort-letters.html  The total money made by Auspost is per individual is $26.40.  Multiply that by 1 Million individuals willing to change across to e-statements and their gross loss becomes over $26 Million!  A substantial loss which is most welcome in my opinion.

But who is to say that email is safe?
If you have ever switched across to e-statements, a company usually does not email your bill or statement directly to you.  Rather they will send you a message informing you that it is awaiting payment online.  You then log into their secured site, and view the document there.  Print it out locally or save it to a encrypted thumbdrive.

It’s time to fire Australia Post from your life.

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Shortcut to directly link Australia Post Tracking Number in the URL

The Australia Post tracking page is a place to monitor items that are being tracking using their tracking numbers.

The page consists of a form with fields and buttons, click, type, click, wait….

Some times it is important to send this tracking number to a customer, but to have them reenter a number into a form is not efficient.

Here is a way of integrating the tracking number directly to the URL via a query.


Where XXXXXXXXXXXXX is the tracking number.

Be sure to try it before sending it off to people via email.

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Australia Post ClickAndSend Satchel Codes Number Promo ebay Auspost

Australia Post Auspost eBay satchels Product Codes

3kg satchel code 39715

500g satchel code 39712

These codes are not for the prepaid satchels such as the Australia Post Plus White/Red/Blue coloured satchels, but rather the Australia Post ebay satchels.


By the way, make sure that you lodge each satchel at a post office, instruct the postal clerk to scan the item into the system, therefore you get a tracking event created when the item was sent ;)

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How Australia Post is Killing Online Business auspost fail

Australia Post, the dog of the logistics world have announced another rate increase.

3.8% across the board, and there is a catch….  The abolishment of the 0-250g parcel category and expanding this to 0-500g.  This means that anyone selling small light stuff online will have to pay/charge alot more for postage.

Australia post is so happy that the parcel business is pulling them out of the shit but they still stab us in the side to watch the blood flow.  It is impossible ATM to compete with free imports post from China.

What a failure you have become, Australia Post!  Do this now!

  • Stop wasting time accepting bill payments over the counter, no one needs this anymore, we all have bpay, credit cards and other quicker methods these days.
  • Stop selling crap like sewing machines, set top boxes and books in your store.  The name of the company is Australia Post, i.e Australia = Australia and Post = Post
  • Focus on ways to automate your parcel acceptance and delivery, the self serve automated kiosk is a good idea, but no doubt you will find some way to fuck stuff it up for everyone.
  • Start educating your staff and have them perform within a tight KPI, anybody can see that the staff are brain-dead and cannot give a damn.  If they fail to perform, get rid of them.
Newfag using a Automated Kiosk

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Australia Post Calculator is FAIL on mobile devices cannot enter height

Why cant these fuck’s get it right.

I cannot enter height dimensions for sending a parcel.  If you cannot get you core business right than you should move onto selling cheap rubbish like crap DVD palyers and Set top boxes – oh wait, nevermind

Fuck you Austpost!  Your prices are too high and your retail model is inefficient.  Get rid of the stupid staff and have customers post in their own parcels.  The technology is there to measure / weigh boxes automatically at a point of sale environment.  But knowing the way you guys go about things, you will just fuck it up.

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Australia Post stuffs up again, ebay satchels

I decided to buy some ebay satchels from the Australia Post ebay shop…
One week ofter they promised to send them, nothing…
Now I get this email from Auspost saying they are comming in late.  Hate Australia Post, they are cunts.

Thank you for your interest in the Australia Post/eBay flat rate satchels.
It has been brought to my attention that some of the orders dated the xx/xx/xx were not included on the download from eBay for some reason.

Because it is unclear how many users were affected, all orders have been resent today, and should arrive to you in the next few days.
I would like to take this opportunity to apologise for the delay, and for any inconvenience caused, I am working with eBay to find the root of the problem, and to make sure it does not occur again.
Kind regards,
xxxxx/x | Australia Post
eBay Store Manager


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new changes in freight on ebay au

Check this out on ebay au.

“Starting in August, you will have to specify postage details, handling time and return policy. In addition, insurance options will be removed.”

We all know that ebay likes to finger people, so this is nothing really new.  From what I gather, ebay and Australia post are getting into bed together, making it impossible for sellers to make money on postage.
This can be qualified by the recent introduction of ebay branded Australia post satchels.  All which offer a chump change in savings….

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