New fees and how to fight it

As you may be aware, ebay has increased its fees to four-finger the small time sellers out of the playground.

10% per item selling price and generally a extra 2.4% of the total price for paypal.  Further to this, the buy-it-now price must be over 30% of the initial bidding price, used to be allot lower.

Many have said they are moving to Gumtree, but Gumtree is owned by ebay and they are starting to exploit it’s clients by charging just to edit a listing, what next…  I don’t see the point of charging to edit a listing, it has no logic except to ween the user-base onto a fee structure.

Quicksales have announced, zero insertion and final value fees, but nothing sells there yet.  As with any corporations, as soon as it becomes popular, it’s time to cash in on the party, so fees could be back around the corner.

To get back at ebay, you can protest by not selling anything there at all.  Here is a better way: 
The goal is to utilize you built up seller reputation and to make ebay appear to be a very expensive place to shop and if you are selling niche items, you definitely have an advantage of making some extra money.

  • Continue to list items on ebay, but jack the price up more than 20% and don’t forget the postage, increase it as well :)
  • Utilize their buy-it-now (free) listing functions and make sure that the price is over 30% of your new total.
  • Utilize the scheduler (free) to schedule you new listings to list of the most convenient times without having to be in front of the computer, generally 10 days ahead of time.

Sit back and watch the occasional sucker emptying their wallet for you.  It is surprising how some people like to waste their money.  Generally due to time constraints, lack of concentration, stupidness or just luck on your side.

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