Electrolux E3 Error Fix for Free!

Electrolux Vacuums are now such a piece of crap.  Who the hell designs these things, their idiots.  Not like the old Electrolux days, the days that made the brand a popular and reliable choice.

The problem with this vacuum, it that it starts up for a few seconds, then the machine stops with a stupid E3 LED Flashing message.

The solution, bypass all the electronics and directly connect the power to the vacuum motor.  It is very simple and requires no alteration to the existing wiring.

Disassemble the vacuum.
At the back of the vacuum cleaner is a speed control board, find that.
Then look for two connectors, one with Blue/White wires (power) and one with both black wires (motor).
Separate both connectors and connect the male motor connector to the female power connector.  This bypasses the speed controller board altogether.
Put the whole thing back together.
No when you plug in the power, the vacuum comes on at full speed with no more crappy issues.  Electrolux products are a piece of crap.

To disassemble this thing, Alex from vacuumspot.com.au has a great video on dissembling the Electrolux vacuum below.  Buying a replacement board seems pointless as it is likely to happen again.

Brush Driver Board (Blown Fuse)
Speed Controller

Speed Controller, Stupid Air Cooling Cover Removed

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