Never Shop at Amcal Pharmacy Chemist Again, ripping Australians off!

Amcal are ripping Australians off, they are better off dead.

If you are an Aussie and have not realised already, Australia is the land where everyone has to make a buck, every step of the way.

Going into Amcal the other day, I experienced this first hand by getting prescription medicine.  The cost of the medicine was $24.95 and I paid and collected.  Afterwards, I decided to conduct a price check with Chemist Warehouse, simply because they post their prices online.  To my shock their price was only $15.99 pickup.

I complained by calling their customer service hotline to complain (1800 500 760).  I asked them why their prices were almost 50% higher that the competitors.  The lady that took my call immediately got into the defensive and blurted out the following statements:

  • Amcal cannot beat Chemist Warehouse’s prices because Chemist Warehouse buys in bulk.

  • Each Amcal store can only purchase thought the Amcal supplier.

  • Amcal does not mark up any of their prescription medications. (They possibly purchase it at a inflated price from the supplier)

  • Amcal focuses on customer service and that is one of the reasons why their price is higher than competitors, like Chemist Warehouse.  ($9 surcharge is not worth the 20 seconds of face to face contact)

Asking for a refund or even a part refund, they refused.  Their prices are not affordable, and cannot be justified.  I believe that everyone that has been wrongly done by Amcal should complain using the 1800 500 760 number and leave a bad review on their google place page or any other social media outlet.
 endded up telling her to get lost, Im never shopping in another amcal chemist – AGAIN!

A bit of google searching showed that I am not alone.

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2 responses to “Never Shop at Amcal Pharmacy Chemist Again, ripping Australians off!

  1. I bought some be good to yourself diet shakes from Amcal, wanted to return them as I only bought them 2 days ago and became sick BEFORE taking them. They are brand new, sealed and I have the receipt. Was told by the chemist, their consumer affairs number AND head office that nothing could be done. I get a call by the boss of the same store I bought it from a few minutes later saying I can refund anything that is owned by amcal – including these shakes. They need to make their store policy clearer for customers!!!

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