Complaining to Coles Supermarket via Twitter Complaint AU

A while back Coles opened up a Twitter account (@Coles) which got flamed from the start.

They immediately abandoned it and it was desolate for some time, but it now seems that they are responding to their tweets trying to fix their “customer service”.

Using twitter to complain is a great way to vent your anger publicly, everyone can troll though the previous tweets and see what a others are complaining about.

Apart from twitter, there are other ways to complain, all of which are good to follow up on your public complaint with private details, such as name and address.
1800 455 400

@auspost is another well supported twitter page, where hundreds can complain and the rest of us can look down on Australia Post’s performance.

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2 responses to “Complaining to Coles Supermarket via Twitter Complaint AU

  1. The complaint I have is this..I ordered 2 boxes of Skinny cow 1crm vanchoc & Engtoff 8 pack price being $16.26..Not having received them I immediately rang the customer service line and told them the driver had only just left and would still have them on his truck..I was told I would be rung back..After 2 hours I then rang again and was told it wasnt even registered in the system that I was awaiting a call back.. Now my question is this..Are the staff too lazy to follow up..Are the drivers not able to work out the orders correctly..This is not the first time this has happened to me..I am very frustrated about this matter as I cannot get out to the shops and this little treat is all I have for the week..Coles what is going on..I asked if I could get a delivery the next day as I shop every week on line as was told not for under $50 which I am aware of the system software as such..I am venting big time because this is just NOT GOOD ENOUGH COLES You are a big concern and your staff should be trained accordingly plus your drivers..Please read and reply to me..I am thinking of going elsewhere as I am just about over all this and cannot believe that such a BIG Company could be so disorganised.
    Thankyou Judith Sweeney

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