Arch linux is impossible to install for the beginner, don’t wate time on it

“Arch Linux, a lightweight and flexible Linux┬« distribution that tries to Keep It Simple.”

Thats statement is so full of shit!

It is noting but a terror to install, even if you downloaded the iso and ‘burnt’ it to a usb key, you have fuck all chance of installing on a host system without downloading everything again.  As of August, Arch has dropped theit automated install (Arch Installation Framework), forcing users to go back in into the dark ages of fdisk and parted…

And to add insult to injury, if you do not have a internet connection, you cannot install.

Fuck that, don’t waste time with arch.

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Do Not USE GMX email to backup gmail!

If you are searching on a way to automatically backup gmail on a third party web email provider, stay away from

Not only is there no default setting for https but its “mail collector” only gets mail from gmail’s INBOX ONLY.  To add insult, they recommend that email in remote emails accounts should be moved into the inbox so that their mail collector works properly.

Q. Can messages be retrieved from subfolders of my third party account?
A. Mail Collector only retrieves messages from the inbox of your third party account. If necessary, please deactivate any filter rules for sorting messages in those accounts, so that all incoming messages will remain in your third party account’s inbox.

To delete your GMX account, follow the setting from here.

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