Linux Mint 13 So much Better than Ubuntu 12.04

Ever since Ubuntu released the Unity desktop, I have been fighting a battle to not be forced into the fucking stupid Unity newfag hipster crap new default interface.

As a PC-Thug, I demand stability, productivity, power use and a customisable interface.

Installing gnome 3 ppa on Ubuntu 12.04 was a waste of time, basically what I got was the bloody leftovers from someone else’s backyard abortion.  Not good enough.

Checking the Linux Mint 13 Mate 1.2 looked promising, so I tried it out using a live USB drive.  Burnt the ISO to the hardrive using unetbootin.
I was suprised to see very little extra bloatware installed.  No twitter crap, status updates.  Basically nice clean slate to build on.  Also being built on Ubuntu, it is very easy to pick up.

After installing it on a second partition, a few thing can be tweaked to make it look like the old Ubuntu (11.04), getting rid of the green colour was the first thing, then a few more tweaks to move the panel to the top got things looking familiar.

I suggest you try Mint, and get satisfaction.  Thank you Ubuntu for the memories.

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