Installing scalpel on Linux Mint Mate

sudo apt-get install libtre5 libtre-dev

download  and extract the scalpel source from

usual tar -xzf ,  ./configure make / make install….

Now go throught scalpel.conf and edit out files formates you are likely to encounter.  By default they are all commented out.

Also remember that you have to have your scalpel.conf file in the present working directory when executing scalpel or use the command ‘scalpel -c /path/to/scalpel.conf/’

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Automount hard drives and partitions on startup for Linux Mint Mate Ubuntu

sudo apt-get install pysdm 

Run as root from the command line

Click on the partitions you want to mount at startup, click assistant button and make sure that the check box ‘file system is mounted at boot time’, is selected.

Important! If your drives are named by the UUID, they will be renamed by the partition number.  i.e /media/0546188641348786  may become /media/sda3 .  This is guaranteed to break any previous references to files and folders stored in music playlists or other programs that previously used the uuid paths.  You will have to go back and quickly edit these files to the correct path

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Gimp 2.8 Auto Export No Prompt Save Fix [solved]

I was happy to get the new gimp 2.8 as it had the promised one window feature, yay!

But soon, I noticed that they have stuffed up on another important feature, saving…  One step forward, one step backwards.

Saving now saves a image as a XCF file, which is has a serious ability to interrupts ones workflow.  Unfortunately Gimps designers have no clue what most people use Gimp for, I will break it down:

  1. Take a photo with the camera as a JPG
  2. Edit the photos with Gimp
  3. Overwrite-save the photo back as a JPG <<<<—-  Important!
  4. Close Gimp on to other things

Unfortunately in Gimp 2.8 they make you do it more like this:

  1. Take a photo with the camera as a JPG
  2. Edit the photos with Gimp
  3. Export the photo back as a JPG
  4. Be bombarded with several options on how to save the image…
  5. Close Gimp and still be reminded that you have not saved the image as a XCF  FFFFFFUUUUUUUUUUU!!!!!!!!1

Alot of people are completely pissed about this ‘feature’ and would like to a workaround.  Of course there is nothing in settings to help you but someone named Akkana Peck has come to save us with a cool script to help.

Applying the script is easy, just navigate do the following commands in the terminal:

cd ~/.gimp-2.8/plug-ins/
chmod +x

Restart gimp and now you will be greeted with a Save/Export Clean button in the File menu, yay.

Now remap the keyboard shortcut CTRL+S to this button in the preferences and everything will be golden!  It is found in Edit > Preferences > Interface > Configure Shortcuts.  Search for ‘save’ and look under Plug-ins.

Thanks Akkana you are awesome!

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Adding custom location in places on Linux Mate Mint Caja

Basically you need to put a custom location place in caja (Places Shortcut), like Downloads, Pictures….

This works for the caja file manager and translates to file manager dialogues like ‘save as’ in Firefox, pluma, whatever.

The this example, I am going to create a places shortcut for home/user/Downloads

Open caja and make sure that the places sidebar is visible.  Navigate to the subfolder that you need to create the places shortcut for, i.e home/user/

Here is the simple trick, it is done graphically, by dragging and dropping the folder of choice into the places sidebar BELOW the line at the bottom of the default places that came with the system.  So drag Downloads across and MAKE SURE that the folder is not being redirected into another partition or the trash. Below that line.


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Linux Mate Mint, Firefox Open Download Folder launches Nautilus

Where:  Firefox in Linux Mint Mate
Problem:  Nautilus is invloked instead of Caja
How:  Right clicking a downloaded file from the downloads dialog and selecting ‘Open Containing Folder’ Triggers it.

Solution:  in mate menu look for preferred application under preferences menu

If the drop down box is blank, reselect mate file manager.

These solutions below did not work or might of helped?  Source

in about:config
create two bolean strings and set both to TRUE

Create a string and add ‘caja’ to this

add line

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LMMC header on DLink router file, decoding the zlib zpipe Plaintext password

LMMC header on router file, decoding.

Inspired from

Tested on a DLink DSL-G604T

Downloading the config file dumps a config.bin file.  The first line of the file has a LMMC which indicates a zlib header

Convert the file to a .Z file
dd if=config.bin of=test.config.bin.z bs=20 skip=1

download the zlib source and extract it.
go to the examples folder
compile zpipe.c using the command
gcc -o zipe zpipe.c -lz
now you will have something called zpipe

copy the zpipe command where the config files are and execute the command
./zpipe -d < test.config.bin.z > config.txt

now open config.txt and view it plaintext!

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linux password basics 101 notes

full source:

passwords are encrypted into a hash and are stored in /etc/shadow

To look in the shadow file, type in a terminal sudo cat /etc/shadow


look at ‘man shadow’ for the full definition.

The hashes are delimited by the $ sign in this format
$id $salt $encrypted

Where $id 1 = MD5  5 = SHA-256   6 = SHA-512

Also look here for more info

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