Never buy IINET branded gear second hand, unsupported. Belkin F1PI242EGau

Here is a example of a pass-the-buck case.  A Belkin F1PI242EGau voip gateway that was especially made for iinet,

iinet – connect – fuck

The problem was the wireless was not working and it would constantly reset.  Reflashing the firmware did not do a thing.  When Belkin was contacted, they said that they do not support iinet products anymore and to call iinet.  When iinet was called, those fucks would not help anyone that did not have a account with them.

Escalating the issue with Belkin, they asked for the product to be returned via the Belkin Return Program.  But it does not work for residents outside the U.S.

Never buy iinet branded / co-branded products secondhand.  Poor support, big headache!

Fuck Belkin and Fuck iinet.

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How Australia Post is Killing Online Business auspost fail

Australia Post, the dog of the logistics world have announced another rate increase.

3.8% across the board, and there is a catch….  The abolishment of the 0-250g parcel category and expanding this to 0-500g.  This means that anyone selling small light stuff online will have to pay/charge alot more for postage.

Australia post is so happy that the parcel business is pulling them out of the shit but they still stab us in the side to watch the blood flow.  It is impossible ATM to compete with free imports post from China.

What a failure you have become, Australia Post!  Do this now!

  • Stop wasting time accepting bill payments over the counter, no one needs this anymore, we all have bpay, credit cards and other quicker methods these days.
  • Stop selling crap like sewing machines, set top boxes and books in your store.  The name of the company is Australia Post, i.e Australia = Australia and Post = Post
  • Focus on ways to automate your parcel acceptance and delivery, the self serve automated kiosk is a good idea, but no doubt you will find some way to fuck stuff it up for everyone.
  • Start educating your staff and have them perform within a tight KPI, anybody can see that the staff are brain-dead and cannot give a damn.  If they fail to perform, get rid of them.
Newfag using a Automated Kiosk

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How to repair a Laser Whistler DE-1770 Radar Detector

Fault:  Not turning on.

Symptoms:  Consuming current, not blowing fuses.  Two parallel SMT resistors on the underside of the board are looking burnt or very warm.

Fix:  Replace tantalum caps C320 C327 C326 and C340, check the two resistors on the underside of the board, replace if required.  Check for regulated voltage on the 78m09 regulator mounted on the waveguide


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Required ports to use Google Talk

If you’re having trouble connecting to Google Talk through your firewall
or proxy, it may be because some necessary ports are blocked.

In order to connect to Google Talk and start sending IMs, you’ll need to
enable TCP connections to on port 5222, or on port 443.

If you’d like to make calls or transfer files through Google Talk, you need to:

  • Enable UDP connections to anywhere on any port; or
  • Enable TCP connections to anywhere on port 443.

If you’re behind a public or corporate network that is blocking these
ports or protocols, please contact your local network administrator for
further instructions.

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