How to get your money back from Dodo Wireless Broadband! 3G [WIN]

Ugly fuckin’ bird!

Dodo 3G is oversubscribed and has become hella slow, slower than dialup.

Meanwhile, the consumer has to pay for failed uploads / downloads for substandard service.

Calling their Australian Indian call center will not help if the tower is congested.  So the next step is to demand MONEY BACK.

This worked for me on my prepaid 3G broadband.  Do your homework first by following these steps.

  • Calculate what percentage of unused data you have left and calculate this against the initial data purchase price as the basis of refund
  • Fill out the online service support form at or Google “Dodo complaint” to find the page link
  • State to Dodo that you wish to seek a refund based on the usable data left on your account.
  • Mention that the service is slow, unresponsive 3G broadband AND you will complain to the TIO if they don’t refund (complain anyway)
  • Also state that you have previously contacted their technical services, tried differed hardware, different location but all to no avail.

If they don’t not contact back in two days, contact them by phone and go through the standard loop of tech support, followed by escalation.  Finally state that you will require a refund for the crap service.

They will eventually credit back a refund and in 10 minutes your modem will be – no service.  Bye bye 3G Dodo aka Optus Shite.

It is time to make the Dodo extinct!

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