Installing Reaver WPS on Ubuntu 11

What a great program.

To install on Ubuntu, you need to have the prerequisites:

  • a brain
  • build-essential  i.e apt-get install build-essential
  • libpcap0.8 library and the development library libpcap0.8-dev
  • aircrack-ng- preferably the subversion
  • patched compat-wireless drivers – no channel -1 shit
  • wireless card that can do injection
  • reaver wps code

The rest is pretty simple, just the usual extraction., ./configure, make, sudo make install.
Pay attention to the ./configure and make processes, if there is anything missing required, check or investigate.

You will need to put you wireless card into monitor mode, use airmon-ng for this.

You will also need to establish a good, solid signal between the AP and you radio, if you cannot then it will wont work very quickly or at all.

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