Operation Repo TV Show FAKE

Kill it with Fire

Everyone probably knew this one already.

Some of the acts were unbelievable and somewhat staged.  Then came the day when Matt was Tasered.  The Taser was shot at him, the wires went past him and hit the ground.  Then in the next scene, he was convulsing on the ground but with both wires attached to his chest.

Then he claimed he pissed himself, showing off his piss stained jean shorts.  So if it was a re-enactment, it was very realistic.

So, some google research later, many people are stating that the show is a fake, sighting the disclaimer at the start of the show – “The stories that are portrayed in this program are based on real
events. The names of the characters were changed in order to protect
their identities… and some honor”.

Fake, Fail, and no longer watching.

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