DIY Video Bauln, Mk1 FAIL

Trying to make a video balun to convert 75ohm unbalanced to 100 ohm UTP balanced is hard, when there is no design available and it is clouded is secrecy.

There is a patent for them out there, google patents has a copy, but from what I can see, there is no way it could work on composite video without DC restoration on the receiving side.
I decided to make a simple voltage balun, using ferrite rings from a old motherboard.

The result was a fail, the picture has poor colouring and the image was tearing.

My next design will be a current balun.
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Ethernet Throwing Star Tap using Krone Punch Down Connectors Cat 5

This passive Ethernet tap featured at greatscottgadgets is great.
Get a couple of USB Ethernet adapters for your laptop, set up a tun interface and you can see everything on both sides without any arp cache poisoning.

It is possible to make the device using some Krone punch down blocks and some cat5 cable.

Here is some pictures, I have not added the 220pf caps yet, they are to derate 1 Gig networks to 100 Meg.

The schematic below, shows what is going on.

Link to Ethernet wiring diagram from Pinoutsguide Here
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DIY Data Recovery from a WD2500 Caviar Hard Drive

I had a WD2500 Hard Drive that was not working, no spin up or anything.  It seemed that the board was not working, but there was no signs of failure.

Fortunately, I found another WD2500 board which was working.

A simple board swap did not work, the heads started chattering when plugged in.

To really fix it, it is necessary to remove a 8 pin rom chip on the “broken” board and solder it to a “good” donor board.  If you cannot do this, find someone who can or you will get nowhere.

Once this was done, the hard drive started without a problem, the data was dragged off ASAP.

Make sure you identify the rom chips plus the good and bad boards to make the process easier.
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Hacking Bluetooth to RS 232 Modules from Ebay CSR BC417

Brought this module from ebay and they look promising.

They convert Serial to Bluetooth, which could have many embedded uses.

They are known as MDFLY, there are also Spanion ones out hter which are faster [source]

The main chip is a CSR BC417 and the other chip is a 29lv800c Flash.
AT Command Set:

There are a few guys hacking them at the moment

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Dick Smith Brand Peanut Butter Rancid Off Smell

Supporting Aussie products is a good idea, for what it is worth it could make a difference in the long run.

I brought a jar of this Peanut Butter, cracked it open and was greeted with a rancid smell.  It was alot like the smell that vegetable oil left out for a few years would be like.

Not good enough, I decided to call the Customer Support Hotline, 1800656599, answered by a Aussie after one ring.  After explaining what whas wrong, he told me that the jars are bottled by Sanitarium and that I should call their hotline number 1800673392.

I called Sanitarium, explained what happened and they told me that they would send me a refund….

However, neither Dick Smith Foods or Sanitarium asked me where the store was located, so the rest of the product could be taken off the shelf…    I decided to call the store manager and inform them directly.

Where do these idiots get their brains from….

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