Dell Mini Inspiron 1012 Synaptics Touchpad Click Skip Fix [solved]

Anyone who has brought one of these netbooks would know that the touchpad / trackpad is crap.  Too many times I have seen my mouse pointer skip from one side of the screen to another when the mouse pas had been clicked.
I almost wanted to get a screwdriver and pry the bastard out just to teach it a lesson! HAMMER HAMMER HAMMER

The dead zone where the touch pads clickers are so small, a mouse click will cause the mouse to move.

No amount of software code will fix this piece of shit hardware, the only way to fix it is to make the zone near the mouse clickers dead.

I used thick rubber feet to do mine.  I used 6 in total and put them in such a way that there is no force been placed on the touchpad when the lid is closed.  See how I placed the rubber feet on the screen lid, so it would not interfere with the wrist pad.
I tried using thick layers of tape, but it never worked.

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