Dick Smith Brand Peanut Butter Rancid Off Smell

Supporting Aussie products is a good idea, for what it is worth it could make a difference in the long run.

I brought a jar of this Peanut Butter, cracked it open and was greeted with a rancid smell.  It was alot like the smell that vegetable oil left out for a few years would be like.

Not good enough, I decided to call the Customer Support Hotline, 1800656599, answered by a Aussie after one ring.  After explaining what whas wrong, he told me that the jars are bottled by Sanitarium and that I should call their hotline number 1800673392.

I called Sanitarium, explained what happened and they told me that they would send me a refund….

However, neither Dick Smith Foods or Sanitarium asked me where the store was located, so the rest of the product could be taken off the shelf…    I decided to call the store manager and inform them directly.

Where do these idiots get their brains from….

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