[solved] Android Shortcut to Tethering Settings

If you are like me and tether your 3G android device to PC’s several times a day, you will realise that it is a PITA to go through the menu to enable tethering each time you want to connect.

Trying to make a shortcut, was impossible, there was no link to the tethering settings page.

I found Quickteth on the market, it is a lightweight app, that requires no unsafe permissions to run!  (Lesson to learn you other android developers!)

Puts a simple shortcut on the desktop, press it and you are in your tethering settings page!

Check out Quickteth on the android market.

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Funny Interesting Site TradeLeaks.com

“We believe the best form of moderation is the individual’s mind. That’s why we leave the moderation up to you. You decide what you read, don’t read, believe and don’t believe.”

All Coles employees can’t differentiate the difference between the taste of Brut deodorant and a Banana.

It is true, all Coles employees can’t differentiate the difference between the taste of Brut deodorant and a Banana.

If you ever want to return used Banana flavoured condoms just give em a bit of a spray and Coles will return them.

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CHOGM temporary security Cameras Hyatt Hotel

According to this article the Hyatt hotel is housing many CHOGM members.

There has been a lot of construction work going on there as well, including the installation of these wireless video cameras on street light poles.

Interesting, the cameras are powered by the street post supply, and have a wireless video link back to the Hyatt Center.  There is also temporary scaffolding erected on the roof to accommodate the receiving antennas.

Close inspection of the security cameras revels WA Police asset tags on them.

The locations of the cameras are:

  • Plain Street / Adelaide Terrace – East Side of the intersection
  • Construction site on Plain Street – Ex location of Plain Street Deli
  • Corner of Plain / Terrace Road – South side of the intersection
  • Terrace road – two locations on sidewalk

Total of six cameras

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Acer AL922 19 inch LCD Monitor Repair [BadCap]

Another case of the bad caps.  Would not switch on or just for a second.  The monitor is powered by a 12V 5A switchmode mains adapter.

Opening it was easy, remove the two screws under the rubber feet and pry the case open from the other side, where the adapter cord comes out.

The bad cap was the big mains one, puffy and leaking.

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Dell Mini Inspiron 1012 Synaptics Touchpad Click Skip Fix [solved]

Anyone who has brought one of these netbooks would know that the touchpad / trackpad is crap.  Too many times I have seen my mouse pointer skip from one side of the screen to another when the mouse pas had been clicked.
I almost wanted to get a screwdriver and pry the bastard out just to teach it a lesson! HAMMER HAMMER HAMMER

The dead zone where the touch pads clickers are so small, a mouse click will cause the mouse to move.

No amount of software code will fix this piece of shit hardware, the only way to fix it is to make the zone near the mouse clickers dead.

I used thick rubber feet to do mine.  I used 6 in total and put them in such a way that there is no force been placed on the touchpad when the lid is closed.  See how I placed the rubber feet on the screen lid, so it would not interfere with the wrist pad.
I tried using thick layers of tape, but it never worked.

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