FetchTV YX-6936U Boot messages from rs-232 header inside unit

Inside the FetchTV box is a straight 6 pin header, if you look closely at the white writing near it, you will notice the assignments given by the first 4 pins.

The other four pin header has 3.3v and probably other things.

The data needs to be converted from TTL to rs-232 using a max232 chip.  Look on ebay for rs232 translator boards.  In my case the 5 volt rail powered my translator board, I used ground ground one of the tv tuners.

The connection speed is 115200 N,8,1.

As soon as the boot commences, it begins to spit out data.

The full dump is here

Interesting lines from the boot sequence:
Shmoo Version=3.5
BCM97413B1 CFE v2.21.2679, CFE core v2.12, Endian Mode: Little
RSA encryption

So much like the Tivo, Generation 4…..

If anyone want to share their FetchTV dumps, please paste on pastebin.com and put a link in the comments below.

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