Accu-chek Performa Expired Strips hack

If you have a Accu-check Performa, you will know that the strips come with a expiry date.

If the strips have expired, you will not be able to use them, even if you manually change the devices date.

This is because the device has a second battery onboard, which powers another clock, which is set in the factory.

There are several hacks online showing you how to get around this problem, some which involve shorting out this second battery.  This does work, however I am not into shorting out batteries.

There are two screws on the back of the case, one is under the label.  (yes, goodbye warranty)

Then lever the case open, by pushing back on the internal case tabs in these locations.

The best method is to use a soldering iron to lift one side of the battery (point 1) of the board, then use a wire to momentarily short the contacts on the board (point 1 & 2) to totally discharge the real time clock circuit.

If you are no good with a soldering iron, I suggest that you don’t do this procedure.  Also you should not rely on expired strips, because they are “expired”

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4 responses to “Accu-chek Performa Expired Strips hack

  1. thanks my dear , you work for poor people who can not purchase the strips, good bless you for the tip you provide to reuse the expire code strips,

  2. I am trying to use Nov 2011 strips but no joy here. I'm being forced to by the new strips.Mine has only 1 screw.I disconnected the battery shorted the connections then replaced the battery, but memory still active (no reset)Now the battery is not connected at all but the memory is still active!!!! They are getting clever!NBWhen resetting the date it won't go earlier than 2012 I get 2012-2031 only, I will assume that's because the memory has 2012 readings and prevents an earlier Year.Still looking for a way to clear the memory, but I fear that is impossible, maybe there is a infrared hack!My advice is to keep resetting the date, no open required. Just keep the device at 1/1/2012 and your strips will never expire.

  3. Yeah, Sounds like they are storing the Date in a non-volatile memory. Still there is no harm in trying, just in case it works. It is a good reason to hang on to the old accucheck.

  4. It does work! Don’t worry about shortening the battery. Just remove the battery and when you re-assemble the unit reset the whole thing to initiate setup. Don’t worry about setting the correct time and date. Just complete settings and your "expired" chip will work again. Mine does fine. The only thing is if you remove the main battery you will lose stored info (who cares, write it down ;-) Personally I don’t think strips will be much more inaccurate if "expired" by few months!

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