Unlocking and Debranding Vodafone K3570-Z 3G Internet Dongle

The aim:

  • Get rid of the Carrier dashboard and replace with a non branded one.
  • Unlock the device so any sim could be used.
  • If patience persists, fine tune the device files to remove any USB reference to the carrier.

Tools and files:  Look here for links and here or google
Unlock software
VF_K3570_New_Dialler.zip to patch the ZTEMODEM.iso file
Stupid Windows box

Install the driver for the device, either by installing the dashboard that comes with the device or by installing the driver inside the VF_K3570_New_Dialler.zip

Follow the instructions on the bottom of this page, you will need a sim card that does not match the locked carrier.  Dont enter any unlock code if prompted by the dashboard, just use the dc program to unlock.

Install the VF_K3570_New_Dialler.zip on a host Windows system

Once installed, grab the drivers folder located in Program Files\Vodafone….
You will see both 32 and 64 bit versions for XP / Vista / Win7 :)

Now you need to edit the ZTEMODEM.iso found in ZTEMODEM.ISO_K3565-Z_debranding_v2.rar , remove the drivers in that image (old k3565 drivers) and put the good drivers  in it!
Use your favourite ISO editor program to do this, ISO Master…

Now you have a remastered ISO with the correct driver for your modem finish the job by putting the CD image on the modem.

Following the instructions on this page, use QPST to delete the ZTEMODEM.ISO on the modem, then drag and drop the downloaded ZTEMODEM.ISO file into the modem file system.  Reset the device and check if it works. 

Unfortunately the switching between virtual CD and modem is not too user friendly.  These two sources explain why: Source 1  Source 2

Basically the Original Virtual CD is switched off once the driver is installed, locking you to use the modem on the PC that the driver was installed.  The only way to undo this is to use a Linux terminal with USBModeswitch to gain access to the modem and using AT commands to turn on the Virtual CD

No virtual CD = Modem detection
Virtual CD = No modem detection

AT+ZCDRUN=8 removes the file autorun.flg
AT+ZCDRUN=9 restores autorun.flg

Then ATZ before disconnecting

So what next, disable the Virtual CD and burn the ISO to a normal CD.

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