Optus 3G Broadband is still slow in 2011

Seriously, this carrier is clearly over allocated.

I tried a Optus 3G prepaid sim card and realised that it is utter crap compared with Dodo prepaid.

Even the city with full, bars it’s speed is slower than dial up and the lag is just fucked up!  There have been times that there has been no service for hours even if the modem is reconnected, just frustrating.

Even more fucked up is the dragonistic term and conditions regarding usage:
Usage: is counted in 10MB increments and includes both uploads and downloads. First 30MB per day charged at 10MB.

So download 1kb and get charged for 10Mb???  Sound like a big fucking scam!!!

I would not recommend that you go with Optus 3G where possible.

And seem like I’m not the only one.

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