R&S FSH3 Handheld Spectrum Analyser Review Rohde & Schwarz

I had the privilege using one of these babies during a RF job.  Not too bad, good screen and good size.

If you want to pull images off it, there is a optical serial port, but I must warn you that it is crap, half the time we got errors half way during a dump.  Even slowing it down to 9600 did not help

Battery life is moderate and the bandwidth is 100 kHz to 3 GHz.

There are options, we had two, one with the RF generator and one without.  The RF generator could be used to sweep check filters, SWR cables….


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2 responses to “R&S FSH3 Handheld Spectrum Analyser Review Rohde & Schwarz

  1. Hi, My name is Albert and I've a FSH-3.13 with SNA, VNA and DFT.I am disappointed by this instrument, it is not reliable. One day in normal operation, blow up a mainboard device, an arrestor in the power supply exactly, I cannot know that is because do not have the schematic and I cannot also obtain it, because the R&S do not give me the schematic ones. I never return to buy anything of this brand, deplorable attention, the representative in my country, is a thief , so that, a disaster. The 80 % of my set of instruments is HP/Agilent and ……… GREAT! I have the manuals, stuffs, so that, the suitable support. My email is: telcom_systems@yahoo.com.ar////Best regards. Albert

    • Hi Albert,
      i have the same problem to get a schematic. If you succed to get one let me know it.
      bets regards

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