The Jaycar Story, How Australians are being ripped off

In Australia it is customary for businesses to rip off their customers.
This is usually done in a number of ways:
  • Unnecessary increasing prices of products
  • Forcing/conditioning customers to purchase “extended warranties” on products
  • Charging inflated amounts for accessories, which are quietly bundled with the item at point of sale
  • Charging inflated amounts for services such as instillation or commissioning
The pathetic retailer blames their high prices by:
  • Justifying their inflated prices on overheads such as rent and employment of inefficient “customer service” staff
  • Justifying their inflated prices on the geographical isolation that Australia is within
  • Endearing to promote Australian jobs even though the majority of goods sold are manufactured in China
  • Blaming fixed variables such as local taxes put on goods and services
A current example of the price mark-up Australians experience becomes apparent when goods are purchased from a Australian reatiler, Jaycar.
Wholly integrated and operated from New South Whales, Australia; this company also sells the same products to the USA through the American Jaycar online retail website.
Below is two screenshots of a Helicopter toy, one from the AU site and the other from the US site. Exactly the same item, same order number…

As you can see, the US price is $112USD and the AU price is $179AU respectively.
Given that the Australian exchange rate is currently $0.93AU to $1.00USD, there seems to be approximately a $75 difference between the same products being dispatched from the same location.
Given these facts, a point of truth has been realised and it is simply not to shop at Jaycar any-more.
You call yourself a Australian company? You fail, rip off!!!

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