How to block ads on your android ZTE V9

This is the easiest way to block ads on the ZTE V9 or any other android device.

We are going to make a hosts file to redirect ant ad servers to a.k.a localhost.


  • Free
  • No app download
  • Saves on bandwidth – BIG TIME
  • Works on all apps on the device i.e. system wide
  • Safe and easy hack!


How to:

  • Open the terminal emulator
  • Type ‘su’ to get root access
  • Navigate to etc folder  ‘cd /etc’
  • rename hosts to hosts.old  ‘mv hosts hosts.old’
  • Navigate to the sd card  ‘cd /sdcard’
  • Copy hosts file dowloaded to /etc  ‘cat hosts > /etc/hosts’
  • Exit the terminal (you should not receive any errors)

Why cat?
“cat filename1 > filename2” – For some reason, the Droid does not come with a copy (cp) command. This works in the exact same way

Does it work…

Page with a Ad
Ad gone!

Page with too many ads…

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