Getting rid of the Optus icons from MyTab aka ZTE v9

Too many people have posted articles on how to root the ZTE V9 just to install the latest version of Android with mods.  While this could be a good thing, many users are reporting that they are having to reload their apps and are loosing functions such as the FM radio.  Some users have also bricked their devices and are struggling to find a solution.

All I wanted to do with my ZTE v9 is to remove the stupid Optus apps from the device. 

Here how to remove the Optus apps and keep your android stock:

Upgrade to Android 2.2 using the Optus Upgrade exe

Download and install z4root_blade_perm_root_v2.apk (search google)

  • Install the apk (put on sd-card)
  • Enable “USB debugging”
  • Start app and tell it to do a permanent root.
  • Wait for it to reboot your phone.

Install  “Root App Remover” from the Android Marker – free

Run the Root App Remover and click the menu key to find the optus apps to delete.   Superuser will prompt one time that you are going to uninstall.

Z4Root and Root App Remover installed!
Running Root App Uninstaller
Deleting the crap!

Make sure you empty the recycling bin to flush them for ever.

BTW, you can delete apps that your system requires, it will warn you…

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