Installing Prey on the ZTE V9 – Theft Recovery

In my opinion this is cheap insurance for a even cheaper Android tablet.

Prey is a program that allows the owner to remotely track, control and disable a stolen computer or tablet.

It is free and runs on Linux, Android and Windows.

Go to Prey Project Contol Panel and sign up, you will receive a confirmation email and once confirmed you can log in.

On your tablet, go to Android market and install the Prey app, it is free.

Prey on Android Market
What it could do?
Initial setup, we have already registered!
You need to escalate Prey’s privileges to allow it to be controlled remotely

Active SIM detection, causes the device to alarm if the SIM is swapped!
All installed

Once Prey is installed on the Android device, go back to the Prey Control Panel on the internet and check that it is there.

If it does get stolen, you can send you device a secret activation SMS to initialise Prey.

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