Easy way! Ubuntu 11.04 Samba File Sharing with Windows Machines

Why is it a PITA to share files with other Windows machines.  If you want to share files and folders to other computers just follow these simple tips.

  • Don’t edit the /etc/samba/smb.conf file directly.
  • Don’t use the Gnome / Nautilus sharing options menu (right click on a folder…)
  • Do only the following below.

Open Ubuntu Software Center and search for samba.

Ensure that SMB/CIFS file, print, and login server for UNIX is installed.
Ensure that Samba is installed.

Once that is done, click System->Administration->Samba to open up the Samba Server Configuration.

In the Samba Server Configuration, click Preferences->Server Settings.
Edit the settings for the Basic tab to change the Workgroup name if you like.  Personally I left it as workgroup.

Edit the settings for the Security tab.  Note you must use your user name for the guest account not ‘nobody‘.  If you fail to do this the linux file permissions will override the samba file permissions and no sharing will happen!

Now you have a samba setup where anyone on the LAN can access your shared files without asking for username or password, aka. guest account.

Now create a samba share by clicking the Plus symbol on the Samba Server Configuration and browsing to the folder you want to share.

Check to see that you are sharing on your Windows machines!

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