Vodafone are crooks, they locked my phone!

What is it with Australia, seems like everyone is in it just to rip everyone off.

I brought a phone from Vodafone 4 years ago, it was a Nokia 6300.  A great phone which served me well, it was unlocked and worked with Optus, Three & Telstra
Recentley, I decided to port my number across to Amaysim, guess what happened, Vodafone found out that they were going to loose me and decided to fuck me over by network locking my phone!  Haha, I checked the Vodafone website which gives you the ability to unlock your phone using your credit card ($25), fuck that.  I called Vodafone and asked them to unlock it for free (I had been a paying customer for 4+ years) and their response was the same, $25 please. 
I gave them the ultimatum that I was going to Amaysim and the guy then offered me $25 phone credit on my account in exchange.  Shitty phone credit does not equal cash out of my wallet, I declined, it is not worth it siting with fuckwits.

Being a BB5 phone it is a PITA to unlock, so FML, Im using another phone that is unlocked.

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