MSI L1350D Netbook Wireless Lan Chipset

I have been thinking avbout buying the MSI L1350D Netbook. The price at Officeworks in Australia is $249, which is a reasonable price in my opinion.

I went to a store to check it out and on initial imression it looks great.  The keyboard has nice raised keys, the hinges are good, it has becent ventilation and the DC power plug looks meaty (unlike some eeepc’s).

The wireless chipset on this one is a Ralink RT2860, i could see it though the ventilation slots.

It has Realtek sound card as well.

Should be good with Aircrack-ng, rf mon seems to work with what I have seen on the net.

The only thing that looks yuck on it is the VGA connector, would be nice if it was a HDMI.

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