OMG the scourge of M$ is coming to Ubuntu Linux

For some unknown reason, the guys that develop gedit, still have not managed to integrate editing of encoded files in their code, not even a plugin.  What that means is that whenever a non text file is opened with gedit, it has a spaz and decides not to show it.
The equivalent to gedit in Windows, notepad has been able to display any file since time dot so I don’t understand why gedit cant do it.

Reading through some of the gedit forums, it seems there is a negative culture in achieving this task, they don’t want to accept that people want to edit hex files in gedit.

When I was looking though the Ubuntu Software Center that other day I cam across a program called Ultraedit.  It seemed that this program was able to display all text files and was able to be easily integrated into the gnome desktop environment.


Sometimes I deserve to get it, it was one of those too good to be true instances, where a program released for Linux was capable of doing simplistic tasks that have been available in Windows for ages.

After installation was complete, I executed the program and was presented with a sight that I have never seen in Liunx before.

One of my main reasons for jettisoning Windows years ago was because of this bullshit, nagging trial-ware ads cursing my screen.

I did not even use the program a second more, it was back to the Synaptic to remove it for good.

Finding it was not walk in the park either, it was cleverly hidden, calling itself uex.

I’m still washing, but the dirt wont come off.

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