iBook G4 Grey Screen Crash

I don’t know what is the better analogy.

A PC hardware platform and software base that is tightly closed, proprietary and somewhat exclusive. (i.e Apple)
A PC hardware platform that is open for all manufacturers, some what open, and not all that exclusive. (i.e Almost everyone else)

There are positives and negatives for both cases however I am going to emphasise the negative for the closed platform Apple case.

Before I discovered the Apple iBook G4, I imagined that Apple machines were well made, stable and stylish pieces of technology.  This observation was further steered by judging Mac owners on face value only, so clean and hip.
Now after discovering the Apple iBook G4, doing some google research and discussing some problems with fellow Mac owners I know that the imagination I envisaged was turning into something like the movie “The Crying Game“.

The iBook in question here had several faults.  First one was something squealing, like a cpu fan.  Opening the unit and noticing that the squealing was not coming from the fan was strange.   The noise was the hard drive squealing, due to seized bearings.  I have never come across this before -ever.  Disassembly of the hard drive proved my suspicion that fucker was so tight it could hardly turn.

Next, I tried to boot the iBook using a Linux distro called finnix, compiled in PowerPC it is designed to run live, hard drive or not.  The CD rom drive was also cactus.  Causing several intermittent kernel panics along the way.

Thridly I noticed that the unit was displaying grey screen freezes when switched on, I discovered during my research that this was caused by a two solder joints on the logic board, something that could be easily fixed, so it was resoldered.  LOL to the efforts that some Mac butchers went to trying to resolder IC’s, one even used epoxy to stick the connection down.

Enough time wasted on this fail, sell it for parts / scrap, that is where it belongs.

Fuck you iBook!

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